What Type of Men’s Wallet Best Suits You?
What Type of Men’s Wallet Best Suits You?

What Type of Men’s Wallet Best Suits You?

What Type of Men’s Wallet Best Suits You?


Let’s face it guys, choosing a men’s leather wallet seems like a basic category but in reality, men’s wallet includes endless variation and finding the right one is an overwhelming task. Leather wallets come in different shapes, sizes, materials and features, kaya importante malaman ang differences nila.

To help, we’ve broken down here the major types of men’s leather wallets so it’s easier for you to know what best suits you.

  1. Classic Bifold Leather Wallets

This is the standard type of men’s leather wallet with two sections. A leather bifold wallet is folded only once hence, slimmer than a trifold and provide a bit less room for cards. With its simple design, you can easily access your cards and cash with just a flap. Eto din yung pinakapopular type among all men’s genuine leather wallet because it is extremely versatile and comfortable to use.

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  1. Trifold Leather Wallets

It is a leather wallet with three sections and folded twice which makes it thicker than a bifold wallets but can provide more space for cards, business cards and IDs. With its classic design and usefulness, it is also favored by most men however, overstuffing makes it bulge and uncomfortable when sitting down.

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  1. Mini Coin Leather Wallet

If you need a wallet with coin pouch, this type would be perfect for you. It is a wallet where you can simply put your coins while cards and cash have separate slots. Totoo na ang coin leather wallets tend to be bulkier compared to bifold wallet or money clip, pero it would be a great help for you to put your coins, cash and cards in one place.

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  1. Travel Wallets

If you love to travel across the globe and need your passport handy, travel leather wallet ang bagay sayo as you can have all your essentials in one place.  Travel wallets are also called “Passport wallets” dahil its size is perfectly right for your passport, cash and cards. Sakto din ito as a notes journal cover where you can jot down your plans along the way.

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  1. Tactical Wallets

Tactical wallets like RFID leather wallet is one of the emerging popular type nowadays as it shields confidential information and block thieves from accessing your card credentials. Kaya most men nowadays prefer this type dahil sa dual-purpose nito.

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  1. Money Clip Wallet

This type of wallet is best suit for men who prefer the minimalist and barebone design when it comes to the stuff you carry. It is much more low-profile design, extremely compact and really flat pero some men could have an issue when it comes to storage capacity ng money clip wallets.

  1. Checkbook Leather Wallet

If you are a kind of man that want your wallet to stand out from the crowd, this classic checkbook leather wallet may suit you. These leather wallets are not considered billfolds because you don’t fold your bills. It can hold not only your cards and cash but also your checkbook. It is popular among men na laging naka-suit jacket as it tucks nicely into their chest pocket.

  1. Cardholder Leather Wallet

This type of wallet is primarily for business cards or receipts as there are a lot of stylish men who want to separate their cash and business card. This genuine leather wallet is good for everyday use as the slim type were always desired by men who prefer minimalist design.

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If you are in search of classy yet minimalist genuine leather wallets, you can visit bop.ph for different men’s wallet variations available for your style.

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