Father’s Day- Timeless Gift Ideas For Dads
Father’s Day- Timeless Gift Ideas For Dads

Father’s Day- Timeless Gift Ideas For Dads

Father’s Day- Timeless Gift Ideas For Dads

Para sa ating mga ama, itay, tatay, daddy o papa


Father’s day is the time of the year once again to celebrate the day ng “pinakamatatag na lalaki sa buhay natin” – our fathers. With all the love, guidance and support he does for the family and for all the selfless sacrifices just to provide our needs, it’s time to pay the homage with an equally strong, sturdy and well-made gift for our dads.

But let’s face it, mahirap mag-isip ng best gift para sa ating mga tatay because it seems he already have everything. But more often than not, the best gift you can give are those with the same qualities as him – matibay at matatag. That’s the reason why leather merchandises are still and always be the best gift items to give to our dads.

Without a doubt, leathers are timeless, versatile and can suit any man’s lifestyle. To help you, here are some best leather gift ideas para sa ating mga tatay ngayong Father’s Day:

1. Leather Belts

We all know that every man’s wardrobe constantly includes leather belts. BOP.ph, a leather accessory brand located in the Philippines, offers its clients a functional yet stylish leather belts that are adjustable for all body types. If your dad is a fan of classic black belts or minimalist-type belts, you definitely have to get this one or visit our page here https://bop.ph/belt/ for more stunning variants.

leather belt for father's day

2. Leather Wallets

Every dad deserves a timeless and unique leather wallet for his cash and cards like how timeless and inimitable their love for us, right? With a classic yet elegant style and durability, BOP.ph also offers wide variety of bifold wallets and mini wallets that are 100% genuine leather at affordable prices. Swak na swak talaga para sa ating mga itay!!! Please check more our leather wallet design here https://bop.ph/wallet/

leather wallet for father's day

3. RFID Wallet

One of the best qualities of our father is being a protector of the family, thus, a high-tech protective wallet is the best gift for them on father’s day. RFID wallet is not just an ordinary leather wallet but made of authentic leather equipped with Radio frequency identification blocking technology to deflect some skimming form of digital theft. Makakaasang secured ang ATM and credit card information sa RFID wallet na ito.

RFID leather wallet for father's day

4. Clutch Bags

Our working dads will always love to work with their leather clutch bag that are handy, multi-purpose and suitable for his lifestyle and activities. BOP.ph offers clutch bags that varies in style, color and sizes. We also sell cross-body bag for active lifestyle. You can check all this out through this link https://bop.ph/bag/.

leather clutch bag for father's day


5. Passport Wallets

Para sa mga tatay na mahilig mag-travel, this bop.ph’s passport wallet is an ideal gift for them on father’s day. With its lightweight and elegant style, passport, plane tickets, cards and cash will be conveniently placed in an organized way. The online store also has leather name tags that best partnered with these passport wallets.

leather passport holder for father's day

In any ways, the best gift for our dads this Father’s Day is to simply show how much we appreciate and love them no matter what gift we give them this day.

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