Save Your Money On A Wallet By Taking Care Of It
Save Your Money On A Wallet By Taking Care Of It

Save Your Money On A Wallet By Taking Care Of It

Save Your Money On A Wallet By Taking Care Of It

Tips on how you properly take care your leather wallets


Leather wallet is known for its timeless elegance and beauty, thus it should be properly maintained and taken care of to extend its longevity even for a decade!

Here are some tips on how you could take care of your leather wallets so you can save your money by not spending for them.

Tip no. 1:

Either it be a long wallet, mini wallet, bifold wallet, RFID wallet or a clutch, leather care experts always suggest that letting a wallet become overstuffed is the fastest way to ruin it. Ang pagtatago ng old receipts, expired coupons, bills or few calling cards can make your wallet stuffing full which can eventually cause damage to your leather wallets. Hence, it is advisable to periodically check and junk out these unnecessary items on your wallets.

Tip no. 2:

Do not sit on your wallets! Aside from the scientific study that sitting on it can cause back pains, it can also cause damage and distortion to your leather wallet. Pwede nitong ma-compromise yung grains ng leather materials ng inyong pitaka. Moreso, the leather skin may also be impaired by prolonged pressure on the material.

Tip no. 3:

Extreme cold or direct sunlight can also cause damage to your leather wallets. In case na mabasa ang leather wallet due to rain or other causes, just dry it down with soft towel and air dry. Wag gumamit ng blowdry o mag-apply ng heat directly because it can fade the leather. Also, moisture can cause molds to grow on leathers so make sure to always put it in right temperature.

Tip no. 4:

Sa paglilinis ng leather wallet, use only good leather cleaner to avoid discoloration or dents. Also, check the cleaning cloth for any color rub-off. If meron tough stains na hindi kayang tanggalin ng soft towel, rub it away using a soft-bristled toothbrush and dry it with cloth.


Tip no. 5:

It is also wise to use leather conditioner to your leather wallets to replace the moisture that a leather needs to keep it in good condition. Remember that leather wallets are one of the best accessories that a man can possess so proper maintenance is a must. For more details, you can check the other article regarding the Men’s Fashion!

In following these tips, you can actually preserve the value of your leather wallets and may use it for extended period of time.

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