Minimalist RFID Wallet For Men
Minimalist RFID Wallet For Men

Minimalist RFID Wallet For Men

Minimalist RFID Wallet For Men

Modernly classic that suits every man’s style

When RFID-blocking industry has sprung up, RFID wallets become a basic necessity and trend in all wallet lovers out there.

But first, ano nga ba ang RFID Wallet?

RFID wallet or Radio frequency identification blocking-wallet is a kind of wallet that blocks hackers from accessing your credit card or ATM data wirelessly. Yes, you read it right! Dahil nauuso na ang cashless transactions to avoid pick-pocketers, ang credit card and ATM fraud naging high tech na rin.

In an instant, a person in front of you or beside you can grab all confidential information in your wallet without lifting a finger on it. What’s more alarming is that RFID skimmers can read sensitive information and collect the whole credit card numbers from pockets at a distance of several feet. How?

By using an electromagnetic field to track tags attached to objects like credit card or ATM and these tags contain electronically stored confidential information. Thus, dahil sa RFID scanning technology na ito, mas madali na for thieves to steal your banking information even using their smartphone.

Koi - RFID Wallet

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Kaya naman the best solution is to use RFID wallet. These leather wallets are designed to impede the credit card or ATM card’s RFID signals, making it hard for skimmers to read the information remotely. There are a lot of stores offering this type of leather wallet, you can check on RFID Wallet collection for our classy yet affordable RFID leather wallets.

For sure every man wanted wallet choices to be simple. Maybe dahil na din sa minimalist traits of men that best suits their personality.’s wallet choices vary from simple and durable mini wallets to elegant and minimalist bifold wallets, all 100% made from genuine leather

RFID Wallet Protecting Your Cards


Kaya if talagang may concern ka regarding the safety of your cash and credit cards as well as passports, driver’s licenses or any card embedded with radio frequency identification chips, at least to some extent kailangan mo mag-invest sa RFID wallets.

It is also a nice gift for fathers this coming Father’s Day. Check out more on this article.

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