Protect Your Confidential Information with RFID Blocking Wallet
Protect Your Confidential Information with RFID Blocking Wallet

Protect Your Confidential Information with RFID Blocking Wallet

Protect Your Confidential Information with RFID Blocking Wallet

Protect both your privacy and your money

RFID Blocking Wallet

There are a lot of great leather wallets, purses, clutches that you can see in online stores. Aminin mo, mahirap mamili because of different varieties, styles and features. But if you are thinking of a classy minimalist-look men’s leather wallet yet has a protection feature, go for RFID blocking wallets. Why? Let me tell you:

What is RFID?

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) microchips are tiny electrical devices that contain a chip with antenna that can carry up to 2000 bytes of data for storage. Each chip can store personal information like photos, registered name, date of birth, account numbers, etc. and give a unique serial number to every product or object it is tagged on.

Usually ginagamit ito as a tracking measure and for identification used in confidential documents like passport, driver’s license, debit cards and credit cards. It works effectively than a bar code where a radio frequency reader sends a signal out, it bounces off of the tag and returns the unique identifying signal to the reader. RFID technology also works through walls and crates and can interpret data within up to 300 feet. RFID readers can read multiple chips at once at a highspeed kaya naman talagang maganda ang technology na ito.

RFID blocking wallet

Downside of RFID:

However, like any other technologies, it has its downside. Objects or people with RFID chips could also be tracked by anyone with a reader. And imagine this, every credit card and ATM card have this RFID technology, kaya anyone who has a RFID reader can actually and easily read, gather and collect information on your credit cards or ATM cards. This is the reason why naging rampant ang online skimming and identity theft.

With this innovative piece of technology, scammers are able to get an effective tool to help them do their trick against any unsuspecting individual. This is the very reason why RFID blocking leather wallets earned its emerging popularity as a good solution for this RFID Crimes.

rfid blocking walletRFID Blocking Wallet:

RFID Blocking leather wallet contains a carbon fiber or metal layer which blocks electromagnetic fields from making signals to be transmitted to RFID readers. These materials were specifically designed to create a strong barrier that stops the electrical signals for being passed through the wallet so no one can access the data from microchips. In this way, the confidential information inside your credit card or debit card’s RFID chips will be protected from being stolen.

You never know when RFID Skimmers will attack, they may be on crowded places like malls or public transports or even on restaurants while you dine out. It is so hard to determine these digital thieves since RFID can be accessed even feet apart or even there’s a wall barrier. Kaya it’s important to invest in a good RFID blocking wallet to keep your money as well as your privacy protected anytime.

If you are in search of a classy minimalist genuine leather wallet, check out our RFID Wallet collection for variety of RFID Men’s Leather Wallet in Philippines with different designs, features and sizes to choose from.

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