Myths Of Cowhide Leather Lead You Wrong
Myths Of Cowhide Leather Lead You Wrong

Myths Of Cowhide Leather Lead You Wrong

Myths Of Cowhide Leather Lead You Wrong

There are misconceptions about cowhide leather that we often default to ourselves even without any documents and articles mention them. These views make us confuse when choosing a genuine leather product even make us buy faux leather one. Let’s check what are these myths below:

1.Cowhide leather is soft

We often think that real leather must be soft, it is definitely wrong. Depending on the age of animals, the technologies, the treatment, the intention of workers, the using purposes, the leather can be soft or hard. For example, one of the most expensive and natural leather types is Veg leather, which is very hard and tough, it is suitable for sculpting and hand-sewing products. Understanding this view of the masses, that’s why people try to make faux leather very soft, some are even soft like fabric to make us believe that what we buy is real cowhide leather.

Pull up leather wallet – it is medium hard and very durable

2.Cowhide leather must be brown or black color 

This is a common myth, most of cowhide leather is dyed to create colors, helping them to be more interesting. The dye color is also very various, with many outstanding colors such as red, blue, purple … it is unlimited. Many shops prefer to sell black or brown leather accessories over the others to avoid misunderstood as the faux leather and this inadvertently creates restrictions for real leather products, which makes them less creative and fashionable.

Leather watch straps with many different colors

3.Cowhide leather has smooth surface, no pattern

Actually, there are many kind of leather are with and without pattern. For example, Nappa leather has smooth surface, Saffiano leather has a striped pattern surface, and Mild leather has a grainy one … The leather pattern is created by surface heat press technology. Except of some basic pattern above, depending on the design, people create many different types of pattern, some are brand logos such as Gucci, LV for example.

Saffiano leather Kot clutch – Criss cross pattern

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