Must-Have Tactical Items for Modern Men
Must-Have Tactical Items for Modern Men

Must-Have Tactical Items for Modern Men

Must-Have Tactical Items for Modern Men

There are a lot of times we encounter unexpected things especially in night time or in isolated places, hence, every modern gentleman ay dapat laging handa and equipped with tools that are useful for daily activities. Since there are a lot of tactical tools for men, we come up with the list of basic must-have tactical tools that every modern man should own.


  1. Swiss Knife

Swiss knife also known as a “pocket knife” is a multi-purpose handy tool that can be use as screwdrivers, can opener, corkscrew, nail file, cutter, fish scaler and hook. Mayroon din itong knife blade, scissors, wood saw, wire scraper, pliers, tweezers and reamers. Dahil sa pagiging versatile nito, it led to worldwide recognition and a usual household equipment.

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  1. Smart Watch

Since we are in a digital age and halos lahat ay may smart phones, smartwatch became a necessity for modern men. It is a form of wristwatch associated with smartphone app that provide touchscreen interface for daily use. It can perform basic tasks such as clock, calculator, portable media player, FM radio, cameras, compass and calendar. Yung ibang smartwatch also comes with digital maps, file organizers, thermometers, heart rate monitors, pedometer, GPS receivers and a lot more.

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  1. RFID Wallet

Hindi gaya ng ordinaryong pitaka, RFID blocking wallets are used to protect your privacy against skimmers and digital thieves. As Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology became more popular identifying and tracking tool, ito ay madalas na ginagamit para mag-store ng personal and confidential data sa mga credit cards, debit cards, ATM cards, driver’s license, passports and others. And hence, RFID blocking wallet is an effective tool to block this RFID signals from being collected by scammers with RFID reader and use for their personal benefit.

To know more about RFID wallet, read this article.

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  1. Tactical Pen

Most men who do not wish to carry a gun have tactical pens for self-defense in case of unexpected situations. Dahil hindi ito mukhang weapon, it became popular tool for saving lives. A typical tactical pen can be use in writing but unlike a regular pen, it has extra-sharp ballpoint or knife edge that can be use against any attacker. Its machined-steel pen cap that has blunt end ay pwedeng gamitin to break barriers, even glass. Some modern features of a tactical pen also come with laser lights or lighter.

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  1. Defense ring

Defense ring is any fashionable metal ring for men that has the ability to deter and cause serious damage to attackers because of its sharp double-sided curved blades with thin edges design. It is ideal to be worn daily and effective tool that can easily be accessed in every dangerous situation.

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