Men’s Fashion That Makes An Impression
Men’s Fashion That Makes An Impression

Men’s Fashion That Makes An Impression

Men’s Fashion That Makes An Impression

Accessories that ace!


Every man always wanted to impress a girl especially during date nights or even on a simple hang-outs.

Admittedly, physical attraction matters. Karamihan sa kababaihan are concern with the appearances particularly during the first date as women also search for clues about his personalities and long-term potentials.

Hence, bilang lalaki, its always worthy to properly present yourself to a woman. The right fashion can amplify healthy masculine traits which most women are subconsciously attracted to. Here are some men’s fashion accessories that you should never underestimate the power to attract women.

1.Eye Wear

Sunglasses never failed to make cool and nice impression on a guy. It always elevates an outfit. Pero syempre kailangan mo i-consider yung facial shape in choosing the right sunglasses. Yung round faces mas bagay sa mga sunglasses with rectangular in shape while faces with strong jawline are better in round glasses.



If there is one accessory that a man should never miss, it is the watch. Watches always create a good impression on masculinity that’s why almost every man owns a watch whether they are a watch guy or not. Fabric watch straps create casual look while metal straps like gold or silver are for formal. Leather watch straps are versatile and usually, tineterno sa belt for finer and classy look.

For a good quality of leather watch straps, you can check our leather watch straps here :



A nice and classy belt does not only hold your trousers up, but can actually make an impression on your clothing all together. Men’s style always match their belt and shoes. But it is only true in formal occasions, it would look odd in a casual setting. In most cases, laging mas maganda ang casual leather belts that are simple and with minimalist look either naka-jeans, slacks or shorts ka.


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A leather wallet, which is usually used to hold money, is also an accomplice in making good impression about men’s fashion. The most popular colors- brown, black, and oxblood never goes out of style. Bulky wallets are fine for casual usage, but slim bifold wallets are best for more formal wear. In any case, always stick to leather wallets as it suits in any men’s lifestyle.


May kasabihan nga na “the things a man carries tells a lot about him” and it is very true with wallets. For more leather wallet options, you can check our wallet  for bifold, RFID, phone and mini wallet options here



Bag made of leather materials is always a favorite in menswear arsenal for a smarter and sharper look. Pero dapat tandaan na in choosing a bag, the primary purpose is to hold your items comfortably and securely. Leather clutch are always smart looking, cross-body strap is comfortable and casual while briefcase is for formal meetings.


Like every accessory a man owns, it should not only serve its purpose but gives an impression that you look damn good at the same time.

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