Tips on How To Clean Your RFID Leather Wallet
Tips on How To Clean Your RFID Leather Wallet

Tips on How To Clean Your RFID Leather Wallet

Tips on How To Clean Your RFID Leather Wallet


If you own a’s RFID Leather Wallet Philippines, you are a good fashion investor. Dahil yung RFID leather wallet nila is not just a piece of leather where you put your money into it but a good sense of men’s fashion and form of your information security.


This RFID men’s wallet Philippines also secures your electronically stored confidential information attached to credit cards or ATM cards from skimmers. Kaya naman tunay itong maituturing na good investment. And we all know that every investment should be properly taken care of, kaya here are some tips to make your RFID Leather Wallet Philippines last longer by learning how to properly clean your RFID wallet.

  1. Spot clean only

Whenever your RFID Leather Wallet gets stain, always clean it outright. Spot clean it using a dry paper towel. If it is a grease stain, use a damp cloth and talcum powder to remove it and if necessary, pwede kang gumamit ng mild fabric detergent.

  1. Do not put it in washing machine

Never ever put your wallet in washing machine or dish washing as it will ruin your wallet. Full immersion in water can cause the RFID blocking to lose its effectiveness so if you really want to wash it, do it by hand, with a damp cloth and mild soap.


  1. Pat dry

In cases your wallet gets wet, you can pat dry it using clean dry cloth. Don’t use an electronic blower to blow dry your leather wallet or hang in direct sunlight as it affects the grains of your leather. Remember, leathers are skin kaya bawal ang direct heat dito.

  1. Use conditioner

Like skin, leathers need to be moisturized in order for it to prevent cracks and drying out. You might use leather conditioners hindi lang para mapakintab ang iyong RFID leather wallet but to make it protected. Conditioning can be done once or twice a year depending on your leather needs.

With time, all leather products age naturally even with your application of these care tips, but still, it is always better to prolong its usage by properly taking care of your investment.

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