How To Identify Genuine Leather
How To Identify Genuine Leather

How To Identify Genuine Leather

How To Identify Genuine Leather

Many similar looking materials products in the market now with much cheaper price or same price but with unclear label as “made with genuine leather” “synthetic leather” make you confuse to identify what is real leather. If you are planning to buy a high quality genuine leather products and find it the problem, this article is for you.


1.Check the label.

If it is labeled as “man-made material”, “Pu leather”, “synthetic leather” it is not leather product at all. If there is no label it is very high chance not a real leather product, because the brands are always proud that they use real leather, the label can be noted as below:

Real leather

Genuine leather

Top/Full grain leather

Made with animal products

2.Check the surface grain.

There are the little pebbles and pores on genuine leather. The real leather should not be perfect because the imperfection is a signature form the animal they are made from. It might have scratches and wrinkles – this is a good thing.

3.Smell the leather.

It should smell like musty but not plastic or chemical smell. You can try to pop into any real leather store which you can be sure selling 100% real leather and test out some bag or shoes to know how it should smell like.

4.Use the fire test.

It can ruin part of the good only suitable for furniture as under the couch surface. You also can test on wallet but should not keep the fire over than second. Result as below:

The real leather will smell like burnt hair and slightly char

The faux one will smell like plastic and catch flame.

5.Real leather goods are rarely ever cheap.

A real leather product is quite expensive and the price is usually fixed. Due to the durable and quality made it can’t be cheap.

6.Colored leather can be real leather.

The colored leather can look unnatural but it doesn’t mean anything. Both faux and genuine leather can be colored by dye technique. So we need to stick on above tips and ignore the colors.

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