5 Tips To Always Walk With Confidence
5 Tips To Always Walk With Confidence

5 Tips To Always Walk With Confidence

     1.Don’t Look Down

When you look down, you look weak. You want to look at least straight forward or possible even a little high, a little up. Rise up your chin, it’s going to make you look more confident.

  1. Don’t Walk With Feet Too Close Or Pointing Outward

This bad habit can actually point toward a deeper problem, maybe with your posture, maybe with your structure. Maybe you’ve got a weight issue and you waddle when you walk, it is difficult to change but practice is makes permanent. You would actually be paying attention and try to spread those heels out just a bit and get the nice walk.

  1. Make Eyes Contact

You look around as soon as someone else coming to your way to avert your eyes that makes you look weak. Making eyes contact holding for a second or two maybe giving a nod it shows that you are confident.

  1. Don’t Hunch Your Shoulders

It looks like you try to minimize your amount of space you are taking up. Get those shoulders back, put that chest out and walk with confidence.

  1. Don’t Put Your Hands In Pockets

By putting your hands in your pockets you come up as you are a bit more submissive. Having your hands visible, there is a number of things right here. Other people are going to be less suspicious because they can see your hands, and from fight or flight you can rise your hands to defend yourself

Above are tips to walk with confidence, hope it can help you to be a gentleman.

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