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    Belt is one of the most common and underrated accessories for men. It is treated more likely as a utility than a fashion piece. Most men pay much attention to their clothes and shoes but forget everything about belts. But did you know that belts can scream out your sense of style and fashion judgment?

    Yes, you read it right!!!

    Belt is not simply an accessory to hold your trousers but an object to showcase your personal style and fashion statement too. Nagdadagdag ito ng visual balance sa inyong over-all appearance. A mismatched belt could be an awful crime against menswear. Wrong belt size could toss your proportions out. And an outrageous buckle can destroy your total look.

    To ensure that you got the sense in choosing the right belt, here are some guides you need to know:


    A good belt should be soft and sturdy which can be flexed both ways without brittle or being cracked. Kaya naman leathers are the best material for it. It is resistant and not easily be stretch even use on a daily basis. Leather belts never goes out of fad and it is something that every man’s wardrobe should own.


    Kapag pipili ng belt, length matters. You could know if the belt is at the right size when you put it on. It should be measured from the buckle up to the middle hole where it should be fastened. But if you are buying online, it is advisable to purchase a belt that two sizes larger than your pant size.


    Belts come in different buckles. It adds an elegant touch and became the focal point of the outfit. Great styles come with minimalist and elegant design that should always appear effortless and without any excessive styling.  As for buckle colors, gold buckle goes well with tan belts while silver buckles best suit for black or navy belts.

    If you are looking for genuine leather belts at affordable prices, browse the belt collection where you can choose high quality leather belts in different sizes, colors and styles depending on your needs.

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