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    When it comes to bags, men are different from women. While most women want different fancy bags every day to match their OOTD (Outfit-of-the-day), men want small bags with minimalist design to use on a daily basis.

    Most women put phone, wallet, keys, mini notebook, lip stick, powder, mirror, brush, make-ups and almost the whole wardrobe in a bag while most men use bags just to put their phone, keys, lighter or wallet. Because of this minimalist mindset of men, cross body type of bag is probably the most practical for them in daily use.

    Cross body bag is one of the most common type of bag that is easy to carry but can keep the essentials in an organized way. In choosing this mini bag, two things are always taken into consideration aside from the price: the size and the style.

    Size matters because cross body bag should be not that big to cause discomfort to user and not that small to keep the essentials like bi-fold wallets and phone. This mini bag should also keep your hands free as if you don’t wear it.

    Styling also matters, because why not? Sino bang gusto na hindi kanais-nais ang itsura ng kanyang mini bag di ba? Cross-body bag can be considered as a true fashion accessory thus, the looks depend on the style of the user. You can opt for different colors and logos depending on the brand but the important is to access easy-to-reach zippers.

    Bop is a brand that offers a clean, simple designed mini bags with convenient pockets. Our Cross-body bag was made from waterproof polyester and cowhide leather tag that can be used for a long time. This bag also has one main compartment to store the essentials and two smaller easy-to-reach zippered compartment. You can also opt for color combinations that suit your style.

    To check on details, you can visit their website at and get that bag that Bop!!!

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