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    Featuring Bop’s Leather Passport Wallet

    Are you a man on the go? Mahilig ka bang mag-travel? Do you usually book a flight for an exciting adventure? If you answer all these questions with yes, either you are a heavy back-packer or not, one important thing you must consider is to find a place to keep your cards and passport safe.

    And you can do this by choosing a passport wallet that can hold all your important documents and, at the same time, will keep you organized without cramping your style. Bop can help you with this problem through its leather passport wallet specifically built for frequent overseas travelers and explorers like you.

    With over 40 years of experience in the leather industry, Bop understands and caters the needs of their clients. Thus, it introduces its slim and minimalist leather passport wallet that will definitely suits your style.

    Bop leather passport wallet is a soft, rich hand-crafted leather wallet that perfectly suits your needs if you are looking to minimize the bulk of cards in your pockets when you travel.  Of course, sino bang may gusto na upon traveling, they wear something bulky di ba? While other travel or passport wallets are large and bulky, Bop Manila Passport Wallets are specifically designed to accommodate a full-size Manila passport and has 4 slots for credit cards or photo id.

    This elegantly designed passport wallet was made from cowhide pure leather and comes with different colors like navy blue, red, light blue and green.

    Why you choose Bop Leather Passport Wallet?

    Because, why not? Bop Leather Passport wallet is tough, versatile and more durable than any other stylish passport wallets on the market. The brand is known in the industry for their quality materials that is strong and durable. Sabi nga nila, “habang tumatagal, lalong gumaganda”. But the price is definitely affordable and reasonable for its quality.

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